Sunday, April 26, 2009

International Muslim Youth Camp 09

The day has come. All the planning now turns into actions. International Muslim Youth Camp ‘09 is officially launched!!

International Muslim Youth Camp ‘09 is proudly organized by MRCs of 14 Mahallah:

Safiyyah - Nusaibah – Sumayyah – Ruqayyah – Ameenah – Hafsa – Halimah – Maryam - Asiah
Bilal – Faruq – Zubair – Siddiq - Ali

Special gratitude to:

The chairman – Dr Fuzi

Program manager – Kak Nurul

And not to forget all the steering committees and organizing committees who work very hard directly or indirectly…

The objectives of IMYC 09 are:

To gather all student leaders from all over the world to discuss potential issue concerning the ummah and the world such as : the impact of globalization, global warming, food crisis, oil prices and the unity of the Muslim ummah;

To expose students on the concept of leadership role and its practicality among students of different nations;

To promote Islamic values and culture in IIUM and Malaysia itself to the world

To expose students leaders from all over the world of theory, practicality and challenges on leadership

Dekat Di Hati Ku...~